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Interested in learning or practicing a new language? You’re in the right place!

The Edlavitch DCJCC offers many levels of conversational Hebrew, from learning the aleph-bet to reading advanced literature. Our teachers are native Hebrew speakers with extensive teaching experience, including at the university level. No previous knowledge or experience is required. Scroll down to learn more about each class.

All language classes will be held virtually via Zoom. Language students will also receive a free ticket to Hebrew at the Movies with JxJ. Midway through the semester, you will be sent details with information about the film and how to request your free ticket!

New in 2024, we’re excited to launch in-person Hebrew conversation circles. These weekly drop-in sessions are a great way to build your skills as a language community, and are complimentary for current students. Click here to learn more.

Summer 2024 Dates:
Monday or Tuesday evenings,
May 20–August 13, 2024
(No class Tuesday, May 21, or Monday, May 27)

Register by: Tuesday, May 21

Language Class Pricing

EDCJCC Member Price: $360
Non-Member Price: $405
Young Professional Price: $300

Instructors will give more information about textbooks and materials.

About Hebrew Classes

Not sure which level to take? Scroll down to learn more about each class!

Aleph: Beginners! This is the class for you if you need to learn the aleph-bet (Hebrew alphabet) and start building your vocabulary. Students with a basic knowledge of the aleph-bet should sign up for level Bet. This level starts from the very beginning.

Bet: This class is for students who have completed Aleph OR know the aleph-bet, can read, have started to gather vocabulary and grammar, and can say some simple sentences about their immediate surroundings.

Gimel: This class is for students who have completed Bet OR can read Hebrew fluently, have some vocabulary and a grasp of grammar, can handle a short conversation about daily life. 

Dalet: This level is for students who can hold basic conversations, as well as read, comprehend, and answer questions about texts on a variety of topics, using present tense. Students will learn numbers up to 100 and increase accuracy. The goals of the class include using causal clauses, using wider vocabulary while reading, discussing and presenting more complex texts. 

Zayin: This level focuses on building vocabulary, improving reading, and conducting conversations in past tense.

Please contact instructor before registering for Advanced classes to make sure that this is the right class for you!

Yud: This class will be focusing on high-level reading, writing, and speaking, using advanced grammatical topics of past tense, future tense, prepositions, and other advanced material. The class will use various materials along with free conversation and student presentations.

Yud Aleph: Level Yud Aleph is an advanced Hebrew class. The class focuses on conversation, student presentations and reading and discussion on an Israeli authentic newspaper articles, as well as Israeli TV shows and movies. Teacher approval is required to join the Yud Aleph class.

Modern Israeli Literature: This class is open to speakers of Hebrew in the native and near-native levels. The class includes student presentations, class discussions and reading and interpretation of Israeli literature in its original form as well as other media sources including Israeli TV, movies and others. Any material will be given close to the start of the semester. Teacher approval is required to join the Literature class.

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