Jewish Community Resources for the DC Metro and Greater Washington Areas

Resources on Antisemitism

With antisemitic incidents rising substantially in recent years and surging in 2021, we felt it might be helpful to compile resources, events and opportunities to take action.

TAKE ACTION: Report an Antisemitic, Bias or Discriminatory Incident

It is extremely important to report incidents as soon as you witness them. Keep in mind all information that affects our community, including antisemitic behavior and acts. Please use the following links to report all suspicious activity and antisemitic acts. This information will be reviewed and shared with the appropriate local, state, and/or federal law enforcement and other relevant components for action and resolution.

If you have experienced or witnessed an incident of antisemitism, extremism, bias, bigotry, or hate, you can report it to ADL for assessment and response.

The official community reporting website of the Metropolitan Police Department.

If you see something, say something. True emergencies should be reported the police immediately via 911.


Want to know what’s going on the Jewish community? Event calendars are the most helpful!

Also check out the community-wide JConnect Calendar and the GatherDC Young Professional Calendar.

In addition to regular Shabbat services at the many synagogues around the DC area, and among the independent minyanim, there are services specifically for young professionals every week (many offer dinner after services for a small registration fee). Be sure to check out:
Metro Minyan with 2239 (Washington Hebrew Congregation- Reform)
Shir Delight with YP@AI (Adas Israel- Conservative)
Next Dor (Temple Micah- Reform)
Sixth & I
MesorahDC (Traditional)
Tikkun Leil Shabbat (Social Justice-oriented)
DC Minyan (Traditional independent minyan, not specifically young professional but skews younger)

Not services, but EntryPointDC’s Shabbat Clusters are a great way to have Shabbat dinner and meet new people! Your Shabbat, your way.

Most of the above organizations have other young professional events as well. In addition to them, keep an eye out for NOVA Tribe Series, for events in Virginia and our four local Moishe Houses (Adams Morgan, Capitol Hill, Arlington, and Montgomery County).

DC has a very strong , very welcoming GLBT community. The Edlavitch DCJCC’s GLOE program is one of the most respected GLBT Jewish organizations in the region.

There are also social groups Nice Jewish Girls, Nice Jewish Boys, and Gayyim. Bet Mishpachah is an inclusive GLBT congregation with Shabbat and holiday services, learning opportunities, and more. Allies welcome!

Moving to DC? Moving around DC? Can try the GatherDC Housing Board or the Kesher Israel Housing ListServ or DC Jew Crew Facebook Group. Don’t be scared to ask around either- there’s a good chance a friend of your friend knows someone who’s looking for a new roommate.

There are only a couple kosher restaurants in the District itself. A few we recommend are Char Bar and Shouk.

Supermarkets with good kosher selections include Safeway on Wisconsin Ave at S St NW, Trader Joe’s on 25th St NW between L and M and on 14th St NW between T and U, and Brookville Market on Connecticut Ave NW in Cleveland Park.

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