Group Swim Classes FAQs

MindBodyOnline Account Setup and Registration:

• When you create your parent account use the Add a Family Member section to add one or more children.

• Make sure you enable the option to receive news and promos. This is how we contact you with class confirmations, updates, and receipts.

• Once you create your account, add your preferred payment credit card under the My Info Tab.

Each child’s account should have a unique email address to which you have access. Registration confirmations will be sent to this address and you will need it to login and view their schedules.

• Each child’s account must also include a date of birth in order to enroll in age-restricted swim classes. Children without birthdates may be removed from age-restricted classes.

• Make sure to select “Yes” on the question “Is paid for by client?” This is how you can use your billing information to pay for your child’s enrollment.

• Enroll each child separately through the links provided on our website at You cannot successfully add an enrollment once in the check-out area.

• To view your child’s specific swim schedule, use their unique email address to create a login. From the login screen select “Need new password?” Follow the prompts sent to their email address to create a password for that account. You may then use the email and password online or in the MindBody App to view their schedule.

General FAQ

How do I view and purchase your services?

We recommend that you start with the specific web pages below and select the service you are interested in booking. From there you will be redirected to login or create and account and complete payment.

• To join as a fitness or community member visit
• For Personal Training Packages visit
• For Kids’ Group Swim classes, Lap Swim Appointments, Family Swim Appointments, and Private Swim Lessons please visit
• To book a Group Exercise Class visit
• To book a Fitness Center Appointment visit

I’m a current member logging in for the first time. How do I setup my account?

If you are a current member, you already have an account! You just need to setup a password. You’ll find the Member Login/Registration link on any of the appointment pages listed above. You can also use the Sign In button at the top right of this screen and follow the instructions linked here.

What if I forgot my password?

Click on “Need new password?” You will receive a link to create a new password to the email stored on your account.

How can I view my upcoming schedule?

Online: You must be logged in to view your schedule. Login to your MindBody account, choose the My Info tab, and then click My Schedule.

On the app: Sign into MindBody with your EDCJCC email and password. Select the profile icon on the bottom right, then choose the schedule link. You’ll see past appointments as well as your upcoming schedule.

For Kids’ Group Swim and Private Swim classes: You must be logged in as the client enrolled in the class in order to view their schedule.

How do I update my billing information?

Online: First login to your MindBody Online account. Go to the My Info tab, and then to the Profile section. Select the Edit icon next to billing information.

On the App: First login to your MindBody account. Select the Profile icon on the bottom right, and then the Gear icon on the top right. Choose the Wallet option from the list.

How do I contact the studio?

The Edlavitch DC Jewish Community Center can be reached at 202-777-3200.