Free Chanukah Craft & Decoration Downloads

Virtual Chanukah Market:

Chanukah Craft and Decoration Downloads

Decorate your smartphone for the holiday with Hanukkah phone wallpapers from meydalle
Get in the holiday spirit with our Chinese Food And A Movie Trivia Placemat
Grab your colored pencils and destress when you decorate a Hanukkah Coloring Page by Miriam Levi (feel free to support Miriam’s art and venmo her a tip @MiriamRLevi)
meydalle would like to offer dainty Love earrings with white pearls
To be entered into the contest to win:
  1. Follow @meydallejewelry_us
  2. Follow EntryPointDC on Facebook and @e_dcjcc
Winner chosen December 11th, first night of Hanukkah!