Language classes at the edcjcc

Interested in learning or practicing a new language? You’re in the right place! Browse this page to learn more about the language classes we offer throughout the year. Plus, click here to meet our instructors and please make sure to read our registration policies before registering for a class.

All language classes will be held virtually via Zoom.

All language students will receive a free ticket to Hebrew at the Movies. Midway through the semester, you will be sent details with information about the film and how to request your free ticket!

Class times are subject to change.

The deadline to register is Monday, May 29th

Hebrew Classes

The Edlavitch DCJCC offers many levels of conversational Hebrew, from learning the aleph-bet to reading advanced literature. Our teachers are native Hebrew speakers with extensive teaching experience, including at the university level. Not sure which level to take? Scroll down to learn more about each level.

"Hebrew classes at the EDJCC are phenomenal. I can’t believe how much I’ve absorbed in just a year’s worth of classes. The teaching is superb, the lessons well thought out, and I’m able to write and say sentences, decipher a lot of text I see, and feel more confident in my knowledge. This is a terrific class and my only regret is that I didn’t sign up sooner and start years ago!"

Yiddish Classes

We are so excited to offer two levels of Yiddish! No previous knowledge or experience required.

"Marianne Tatom is an amazing teacher, supportive, positive and creative. She draws from the rich and wonderful body of Yiddish culture to enhance each class; music, poetry, videos. She offers many suggestions to enrich our learning beyond the time in class. It has truly become a highlight of my week."