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For over twenty years, the strong shared connections and traditions between our campers, parents, staff, and community-at-large makes us a family.

We have provided campers with opportunities to learn new skills, build self-confidence, and make lasting friendships. Each week and each summer at camp are unique, with weekly field trips, fun-filled activities, exciting themes, and special shows and performers. Spending your summer with Camp EDCJCC is an incredible experience!

Job Responsibilities

  1. Behave in a mature, appropriate manner.
  2. Participate energetically in all camp activities.
  3. Create age-appropriate activities for your group(s). This includes “Counselor Time,” electives, free time, and all other relevant times.
  4. Oversee the health and safety of the children in your group(s) in particular and of all campers and participants in general.
  5. Ensure that the children in your group(s) are supervised at all times.
  6. Enforce camp rules for the safety and welfare of campers and staff or refer someone to the Director when needed.
  7. Incorporate Jewish content, themes, or values into your camp activities as appropriate.
  8. Email all your campers before each camp session begins, either during training or after the camp day.
  9. Write daily “Today We” to send to camp families.
  10. Participate in pre-camp planning and training.
  11. Attend weekly staff meetings on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00 pm. If you miss a meeting, you must schedule an individual meeting with the Director.
  12. Supervise children during special events, programs, field trips and overnights as applicable.
  13. Supervise children in the pool. This requires that you swim daily.
  14. Bring a swimsuit and towel each day.
  15. Assist campers in changing their clothing, if needed.
  16. Swim with the children in your group during free swim times.
  17. You must wear your swimsuit during swim times and stay attentive by the pool or be docked wages for the day.
  18. Assist the specialists (e.g., swim, art, music, dance, sports, etc.) in their instructional lessons.
  19. Attend the Family Nights (dates to be announced) if these fall during your camp sessions. There is no additional compensation for family nights.
  20. Participate in Camp overnight if you would like and if it falls during your camp sessions.
  21. When working an overnight Camp event, you will be compensated $50/overnight.
  22. Take attendance daily and count your campers as you move from activity to activity.
  23. Supervise the correct use and return of all Washington EDCJCC property.
  24. Assist the Camp Director and Program Manager, as necessary.
  25. Advise your supervisor of illness or necessary leave prior to 7:30 am on the day you must be absent. There is no pay for absences.
  26. Assist parents during the loading and unloading of campers.
  27. Staff must clean the room(s) they were using, during before camp care and after camp care, as well as work until 6:00 pm. If rooms are left unclean, counselors must remain to clean up even after the camp day has ended.
  28. If you are scheduled to work aftercare but cannot do so on a particular day, it is your responsibility to find a substitute among the rest of the camp staff.
  29. Build appropriate relationships with campers, parents, and other staff, and co-and maintain a positive and professional attitude.
  30. Fill out a timesheet each pay period for payroll purposes.
  31. Fill out all necessary papers to ensure your compensation. Failure to fill out paperwork appropriately can result in delay of compensation.
  32. The safety and welfare of the children at camp is our most important priority. If you know of or suspect child abuse or if any child reports abuse, you must report it to the Camp Director. As an individual working with children, you are a “Mandated Reporter,” and the report is required by law.
  33. In the event on an incident, protect the privacy of the children involved in said incident as well as the child or staff member who reports it to you. You should not talk about an incident with other staff, campers, or parents unless you are asked to by the Camp Director.
  34. Complete other duties as assigned.
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