Personal Training

Personal Training

EDCJCC Fitness Center personal trainers are nationally-certified, and most have a B.S. degree or higher in exercise science or a related field. Our high-quality professional staff is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness objectives.

A personal trainer can help you set goals, keep you motivated, set up a complete program suited to your individual needs and more. Our trainers ensure your safety by showing you proper technique and form while using our upgraded gym equipment. They also ensure you receive the most of your workouts and training sessions to meet your goals. Working with a personal trainer on a specialized fitness plan can improve your quality of life and increase your energy, strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.

For more information about personal training at the EDCJCC, please contact Andre Dixon at

Personal Training Rates

One hour sessions      $70 / 1 session      $260 / 4 pack      $480 / 8 pack      $660 / 12 pack

30 minute sessions     $35/ 1 session   $130 / 4 pack      $240/ 8 pack      $330/ 12 pack

New EDCJCC member special = 3 for $150. Contact Chris Sargent at