Passover Resources

Social Justice Resources: Passover Edition

On Passover, Jewish people use a Haggadah, literally meaning “the telling,” to retell the biblical story of Exodus. Though the task of remembering Egypt as if we ourselves had been enslaved has been practiced across the world for millennia, the liberal Jewish tradition of expressly bringing social justice to the Passover table largely dates back to the 1969 Freedom Seder, where—on the first anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s death—civil rights leader and Rabbi Arthur Waskow led 800 Jews and Christians in a church-basement Seder that looked at the shared liberation of African Americans and Jews*.

Today, we continue this tradition and encourage you to add words, reflections, songs, or even a moment of silence to your Passover celebrations. Whatever your passion, the world is in dire need of healing and Passover is a time to consider your role in this big endeavor.

We have chosen some of our favorite sources for social justice content to add to your Passover Seder:


Global Justice Haggadah from the American Jewish World Service (AJWS): Download the brand-new edition of the AJWS Global Justice Haggadah—with new readings, rituals and freedom stories from around the world.

The Story of Modern Day Slavery A Social Justice Haggadah from the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism (RAC).

HIAS Haggadah: As the Passover holiday nears, HIAS is pleased to provide a Haggadah with a modern take on the traditional Seder, full of personal stories of refugees and asylum seekers and inspirational readings.

MAZON’s “Fifth Question” Haggadah insert brings a new reflection about hunger to your seder table. This year, join us in asking: What lessons from our history should guide our nation’s approach to ending hunger?

Racial Justice & Inclusivity Haggadah from Be’chol Lashon

Plastover: An Exodus from Plastic Waste
What if we chose to mindfully free ourselves from the plague of plastic waste? Take this challenge from Reboot this Passover holiday.

Haggadah inserts from Keshet to center LGBTQ voices and engage with the ongoing work of justice for LGBTQ liberation.

This year, use Hazon and JIFA’s Higher Welfare Egg Haggadah Supplement to start a discussion about animal welfare at your seder.