Parenting Center

Parenting Center

The Parenting Center provides families with the support, guidance, and enrichment needed to raise young children in the city.  LGBTQ and straight, couples and single parents, Jewish and non-Jewish, biological and adoptive, people of all colors and abilities — all families are warmly welcomed.  Classes and programs are designed to meet the developmental and social needs of infants and toddlers (newborns through age 4), to create meaningful bonding experiences for caregivers, and to provide practical skills and solutions, advice, and community-building opportunities for parents and parents-to-be.

We offer a wide variety of Sunday and weekday classes for children ages 0-4 and their caregivers, as well as workshops for parents, parents-to-be, and folks who want to be parents.

Upcoming Workshops for parents and parents-to-be

Welcoming Jewish Children
Jul 28 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

How do I welcome my baby into the Jewish community? What’s a mohel and how do I find one? How are the welcoming rituals similar and different for boys and girls? When and how do I announce the baby’s name?  Join EDCJCC Children and Families staff Lindsay Kagin and Miriam Szubin — who have welcomed two girl and three boy babies between them — for a virtual workshop on Jewish rituals, traditions, and options for a bris (a Jewish religious male circumcision ceremony) and simchat bat (celebration of a daughter). You’ll walk away with information, resources, and connections to a community of other parents-to-be of Jewish babies.

Yoga for Tots Fall Session Begins
Oct 1 @ 10:10 am – 11:40 am

FOR 21 MONTHS THROUGH 4 YEARS: Fridays, 10:10-10:50
FALL SESSION: 10 Fridays, Oct 1-Dec 10 (no class Nov 26)
Make-up date if needed by the teacher: Dec 17
Price Per Session: $252; EDCJCC Member Rate $202
Teacher: Teacher: Kéthia Clairvoyant

Yoga for Tots combines unique toddler-friendly yoga poses with songs, stories, and games to create an enriching caregiver/child activity. Each class is personalized around your child’s curiosities as they learn yoga through social interaction, repetition, and play.  In these sessions, toddlers and preschoolers learn how to relieve frustration, improve motor skills, and increase attention span by actively following directions. Help your tot build the foundation for a healthy and fit lifestyle while having fun!

Yoga for Babies Fall Session Begins
Oct 1 @ 11:50 am – 12:30 pm


FOR 8 WEEKS TO ALMOST CRAWLING: Fridays, 11:50-12:30
FALL SESSION: 10 Fridays, Oct 1-Dec 10 (no class Nov 26)
Make-up date if needed by the teacher: Dec 17
Price Per Session: $252; EDCJCC Member Rate $202
Teacher: Teacher: Kéthia Clairvoyant

Yoga for Babies contains dozens of unique yoga postures designed to support baby’s development. Each week is filled with calming, nurturing ways to enhance bonding and improve baby’s sleep. Babies enjoy yoga while on their backs, tummies, or held in loving arms. For caregivers, this is a special opportunity to meet other caregivers, get support, and learn about baby’s emerging personality. Most of the yoga is for baby, but you will also learn breathing and relaxation techniques as you practice a bit of yoga yourself. No yoga experience necessary.

Power Tots Gymnastics Fall Session Begins
Oct 3 @ 8:50 am – 11:45 am
POWER TOTS GYMNASTICS (Sundays mornings)

FOR 18-36 MONTHS: Sundays, 8:50 to 9:20 OR 9:30-10:00 OR 10:05-10:35 OR 10:40-11:10
FOR 3-4 YEARS: Sundays, 11:15-11:45
FALL SESSION: 10 Sundays, Oct 3—Dec 12 (no class Nov 28)
Make-up date if needed by the teacher: Dec 19
Price Per Session: $252; EDCJCC Member Rate $202
Teacher: M.C. Lewis

Get ready to tumble, roll, and stand on your hands! Power Tots gymnastics classes build a strong foundation of basic skills, including forward rolls, backwards rolls, handstands, a variety of jumps (learning to jump), cartwheels, balance beam skills, and so much more!  Children love exploring equipment like the balance beam, parallel bar, parachute, springboard, and vaulting blocks. Our small groups format allows us to offer individualized attention, ensuring safety and support. 

Baby Signs Fall Session Begins (Virtual)
Oct 3 @ 10:00 am – 10:30 am

Sundays, 10:00-10:30
FALL SESSION: 6 Sundays, Oct 3—Nov 7
Make-up date if needed by the teacher: Nov 14
Price Per Session: $146; EDCJCC Member Rate $110
Teacher: Iana Clifford The Baby Signs Program teaches babies to use simple, easy-to-do gestures for communicating with their parents and caregivers, long before they have mastered verbal speaking skills. The Sign, Say and Play classes are a series of six theme-based virtual classes designed for parents and babies to attend together. A total of 37 useful signs are taught through fun songs, books, and activities. In addition, parents learn simple ways to support their baby’s intellectual development-tips drawn from Drs. Acredolo and Goodwyn’s parenting book, Baby Minds: Brain Building Games Your Baby Will Love.It’s never too early for parents to learn Baby Sign so that you can use it when the time comes!   Session registration includes one weekly live class and also access to the recording of that class to watch anytime your kiddo.


The Parenting Center at the Edlavitch DCJCC has been my hub for everything kid-related from early pregnancy to post-delivery and now into the toddler years. In a transient city like DC, the EDCJCC plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of community among new parents. The people I met in my Beyond the Bump group and in classes such as Musical Infants, are some of my closest friends today. I love that our kids have been playing together from the very beginning and some of them are now entering preschool together. The resources the Parenting Center offers are phenomenal -- offering a supportive environment and much needed advice, holding helpful workshops for navigating parenting challenges, and providing engaging activities for infants and toddlers. I feel incredibly fortunate to have benefited from all that the EDCJCC has to offer!
Shannon, mom to a 4 year old