Celebrate Black History Month

Image reads Celebrate Black History Month in green and brown text overlaid on a pattern in green, red, black, and yellow that looks like Kente cloth

The Edlavitch DCJCC recognizes that Black history and culture are an essential part of Washington, DC, as well as our country. In celebration of Black History Month, we are sharing information about the lives and achievements of Black Americans. These individuals have contributed to the beauty, health, joy, knowledge, safety, economy, and social progress of the US in the face of systemic racism. This list, by no means complete, was compiled by suggestions from Edlavitch DCJCC staff members, many of whom have been professionally and personally inspired by these remarkable individuals. Many of them have direct connections to Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia, where their work can be seen and felt.

We encourage you to take time to learn more about Black individuals who have contributed to subjects and fields important to your work and life, as well as those who have helped shape your community and our country.

Next Steps

Find ways to celebrate and support Black business owners, restaurateurs, writers, and more, plus a walking tour of Black history in DC.

Patrons businesses owned by People of Color whether online or in person. See some bars and restaurants in DC here.

Learn more about Black history in DC. Find a full self-guided tour of historical sites in every Ward here.

Read books by Black Jewish authors. Start with this list of twenty books!

For a very partial list of Black Jews who have made contributions to the worlds of culture, sports, entertainment, and Judaism click here.


We encourage those in our community who identify as white to engage in life-long learning and action on eradicating racism in ourselves and our society. To help with this journey, click here for a variety of different learning options.