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#Adulting: An Evening of Life Hack Workshops

Young Professionals (21-45)

Date : Tuesday, Jan 30

Time : 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Location : Edlavitch DCJCC
1529 Sixteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC

Our popular adulting workshops are back again this winter with new topics!

Workshop tickets available at the door – dinner is full!

Our popular adulting workshops are back again this winter with new topics! Whether you are looking to become a more successful professional or power couple or to be financially literate or spiritually savvy this year, workshops will be offered for 20s, 30s, and early 40s at all stages of life. Topics will delve into finances, career planning, stress management, relationships, and more. We will start with dinner and mingling, then have 3 workshop blocks with plenty of Q&A time with our experts.

Scroll down to see registration information, workshop topics, and FAQs.

Registration: $30/person. Tickets include Kosher dinner and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. If the cost of this event would prohibit you from attending, please email Stacy at smiller@edcjcc.org.

6:30 PM: Optional Dinner and Ice-Breakers
7:15 – 9:25 PM: Workshops

Workshop Topics for 2024

* New this year

Led by Zach Teutsch, Principal, Values Added Financial 

This interactive workshop will help you assess your financial health and build financial resilience. We will discuss different models of how to handle money and determine budget and focus on the steps you can take now to be prepared for future financial hurdles, large and small, including student loan management, savings strategies and long-term planning. 

Led by Miriam Levitin, MSW, CSE  

Sexual health is essential to overall wellness, and yet most of us do not receive comprehensive sex education growing up. This session will cover the fundamentals that all adults should know about sexual health in an inclusive, non-judgmental, pleasure-centered, and fun way. Bring your questions!  

Led by Lisa Dubler, Career Coach

During this workshop, learn specific and actionable ways that you can utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your job search. Some of the topics we’ll discuss include utilizing AI for writing cover letters, tailoring resumes, and preparing for job interviews.

Led by Kate Woodward, Dating & Relationship Coach

You are a match! Now what? Let’s talk about how to turn a conversation into meeting in real life and what dating means today, apps, hookup culture, chivalry, and everything in between.

Led by Rabbi Atara Cohen

Disagreements have the power to generate new ideas and also have the potential to destroy communities. Today, arguments feel destructive: in this time of intense polarization, we are encouraged to choose a side and even dehumanize those who disagree with us. How might we shift our dialogues so that we build rather than destroy? In this workshop, we will draw on Jewish wisdom in order to identify when dialogue is constructive or destructive, practice de-escalating conversations, and envision a future of pluralism and generative debate.

Led by Stacy Miller, Director of EntryPointDC and Founder of NOVA Tribe Series

Finding, building and maintaining friendships and relationships is one of the most important things we do in our lifetime. Learn new approaches to making friends and tips to keep friends you have known for a longer time as you approach different stages of life. This workshop will help you create meaningful, memorable experiences, large and small and discover the rituals you would like to incorporate into your life to deepen your relationships.

Led by Arielle Davis, Compass Real Estate Agent, and Jonathan Okum, The Okun Mortgage Team/Senior Mortgage Consultant

Wondering if you should rent, buy, or refresh your space? Let’s talk about it! There’s lots of information out there on the subject, but let’s break it down and explore what makes sense for you on your home journey! This conversation will include a DMV licensed real estate agent from the #2 team at the #1 brokerage in the region, a top tier Mortgage Broker, and a fabulous interior designer that does projects large and small. We’ll be sure to have time for Q&A, and help you decode and declutter these subjects!

Led by Rabbi Atara Cohen

This workshop will provide the space and support for participants to learn about becoming more resilient. Integrating meditations, Jewish texts, and artistic expression, participants will develop skills in reducing stress, developing self-compassion, and confidence building. Through emphasizing these aspects of one’s personality, workshop participants will gain an understanding and practical skills to bring out the best in themselves and others.

Led by Aubree Hunter, Chef

A New Year, a new you. Resolutions are hard to keep, but with some easy changes to your daily routine you can make huge differences. In this session you’ll learn how to meal prep and make healthy diet changes (2024 will be the year of no sad desk lunch!) with options for every budget and culinary experience. We’ll cover all the tips and tricks to turn you into the wellbeing warrior everyone can be!


No, we have 3 blocks of sessions that last 40 minutes each; you will be able to choose to attend 1 of 3 workshops in each session block.

Yes! They are for everyone.

We welcome those of all backgrounds and faiths.

You bet; some of our speakers are part of the LGBTQ community and we are promoting this event through our LGBTQ program, GLOE.

Of course! Your partner does not need to be present to attend.

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