One-Time Classes

One-Time Classes

Wellness Classes

Take care of your mind, body, and relationships with others – learn mindfulness, declutter and embrace a minimalist lifestyle, be a better dater, and more.

Hack Your Dating Life: Keys to Success in 2021

Ages 45+: Tuesdays, beginning February 2
Taught by Erica Ettin and Alex Honigman, LICSW, MA
Dating has never been easy and 2020 has made it even harder, but we are here to help! Whether you’re getting out there for the first time in a long time, or have been swiping on dating apps for awhile and need a new perspective, there is a lot to learn and discuss about modern dating. In this interactive class series facilitated by dating expert Erika Ettin and therapist Alex Honigman, we will examine what you are putting out there in the dating world to help you attract the person you are looking for, decipher your deal-breakers, learn to present your best self online and in person, and discuss healthy relationships. At the end of each class, you will also get to mingle in small groups with other single classmates!

Skill-Based Classes

It’s a great time to learn new skills, from painting to memoir writing to podcasting and more.

So You Want To: Start a Podcast

Mondays, beginning February 1
Taught by Erika Ettin and Julia Levy
Podcasting has become an increasingly popular way to tell stories and build community. In this class, we’ll brainstorm ideas, explore different formats, learn how to edit and produce a podcast, and more.

So You Want To: Create A Film With Your Phone

Wednesdays, beginning February 23
Taught by Joe Frankel
Did you know that you have a portable movie studio in your pocket? Learn the basics of movie storytelling, how to use your phone or tablet to create impactful photos and videos, and more.