The Edlavitch DCJCC Preschool is proud of our commitment to a child-centered, emergent curriculum that promotes a collaborative learning environment.  Our curriculum is inspired by several principles of the Reggio-Emilia inspired approach, including the following core concepts:

Children are competent, curious, and creative

At the very core of our approach is the concept of wonder.  Wonder is the act that begins the process of learning. Our teachers view children as natural scientists, driven by curiosity, with tremendous observational skills and an ability to form strong theories about the world around them. Children’s questions and interests become the foundation for learning experiences.  Collaborative wonder and the sharing of ideas plant the seeds for the class curriculum.

Essential learning takes place within a system of relationships

When children share their wonder with other children, their parents, and their teachers, they engage in a richer and deeper learning process. Collaboration increases the children’s commitment to the topic and multiplies the learning opportunities by encompassing many points of view.

Children express themselves through many languages

Children in a Reggio-inspired school learn there are multiple ways to express an idea— whether it be visual, verbal, written or through movement and music. Through the use of multiple mediums, children develop expressive competence.  Teachers view children’s creative expression in all forms as their way of communicating what they understand about the world around them.

Documentation allows children and adults to remember and reflect on learning experiences

Throughout the learning process, teachers document the children’s experience through photographs, note-taking, video, and artifacts that the children make themselves. It is compiled and shared with the focus on process, rather than product.


Child-Centered Learning In Action

In a child-centered curriculum, learning begins with student interest. Explore the examples below to see how we put our pedagogical philosophy into practice.

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Photo Credits: Kimberly Goldwein Photography