Your Name Means Dream

Dates : March 12, 2025 — March 30, 2025

Academy Award-winner and iconic playwright Jose Rivera directs his edge-of-our-current-time tragicomedy that blends what it means to be human with what it means to embrace the technology of our future – to profoundly intimate results.

March 12–30, 2025

Your Name Means Dream

Written and Directed by José Rivera

Starring Naomi Jacobson and Sara Koviak 

Internationally acclaimed playwright José Rivera directs his profoundly intimate tragicomedy that asks what it means to be human as we embrace the technology of our future – and it embraces us. Aislin needs constant support in her later years, and her care is placed in the hands of an AI robot-caregiver – designed to look and sound human – named Stacy. The unexpected relationship that blossoms between them sparks questions of what it means to have a soul, what defines humanity – and what happens when those definitions begin to shift. 

Blending magical realism with science fiction, Rivera’s Your Name Means Dream marries the tension of a thriller with the emotional rewards of a quest. Aislin’s body may be aging, but her mind cannot help but actively seek connection and grow an appetite for true friendship. Stacy’s body was designed to fulfill the role of a caregiver but fails to qualify as being alive. The relationship these women find in each other is both surprising and moving, taking us on a journey that challenges us to know the Other as we attempt to discover more about ourselves.

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