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School Residencies

Theater J offers classroom residencies for K-12 students. These programs are led by professional artists and offer students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of topics in English, social studies, and history through art. Each residency is tailored to the needs of the class, and residencies may be one session or may last for up to 10 sessions and culminate in a presentation for friends, family, and the school.

School residencies involve:

  1. A meeting with the classroom teacher, Theater J staff, and visiting artists
  2. A session or series of sessions in which students learn various art techniques and use those techniques to create a final product
  3. An ongoing dialogue about the residency
  4. A final evaluation

Elementary School Residencies

Ensemble theater teaches spatial relations, coordination, empathy, and expression while encouraging teamwork and social-emotional learning. This arts residency gives K-6 students a deeper understanding of plot, conflict, and character as the class works together to present a folktale through student-created dialogue and movement. Meets content standards for history, social studies, and theatre arts. A 12-session residency may culminate with an evening performance for families and friends.

Middle and High School Residencies

SOLO SLAM (3-10 Sessions) is an opportunity for students to learn to create and perform a slam poem based on the theme of identity. Students explore poems and solo movement pieces, discuss the meaning of identify, and create and perform a piece about an identity- defining moment in their lives. SOLO SLAM meets content standards for middle school and high school in both theatre arts and English.

Costume Design: Rise of the Superhero (1-3 Sessions)
The world’s most famous superheroes were designed by Jewish immigrants after World War II. This residency explores the history of the creation of comic books, the nature of an alter ego, and how superhero stories serve as both allegories and as a way to process events and emotions.  Students learn to identify metaphor and symbolism through the elements of line, color, and texture and discuss how to establish a character and tell a story through costume design. Finally, they envision and draw an original superhero. RISE OF THE SUPERHERO meets content standards in history, visual art, English, and Holocaust studies.

For more information and pricing, please contact Hester Kamin, Education Programs Manager.

Theater J school programs are made possible by the Robert M Fisher Memorial Foundation Theater for Youth Fund, the Shapiro Family Foundation, and Share Fund.