Distant Cousins Tribute

Join us! Tuesday, April 6, 8:00 PM. Zoom invitation to be provided. RSVP required by Wednesday, March 31. The entire preschool community is invited to join us and indie rock group THE DISTANT COUSINS in preparing a musical tribute to our preschool teachers, which will be debuted at the Spring Gala on May 13. Can’t sing? No problem! Can’t make the Gala? Don’t worry about it! Just join us on April 6 ready to pay tribute and get creative – we even invite you to bring a glass of wine or two.

Learn more now about the musical tribute we’ll prepare with indie rock group Distant Cousins!

RSVP required by March 31. Please contact Emily with any questions.


What kind of tribute are we making?

We’re going to work with Distant Cousins to create an original song performed by YOU, our wonderful Preschool community. We’ll start with a workshop with the band and then you’ll send us videos of you singing, which will be compiled into one final video to be presented at the Virtual Gala.

What will the workshop look like?

The workshop runs for approximately 75 minutes. We’ll spend some time together in one room before breaking out into smaller groups for the actual songwriting process. In these small groups, we’ll talk about themes or key words that we want to include in our song.

We’re writing a song? I’ve never done that before!

Don’t worry – the band will do most of the songwriting! The themes and words that each small group discusses will be made into a word cloud to help prompt their lyric-writing.

Will I have to sing tonight?

Nope! This workshop is a chance to work together to create a song. Actually singing will come a little later.

What happens after the workshop?

After the workshop, the band will get to work creating a demo of our song. If you find yourself in a creative headspace after the workshop, you’ll still have a chance to share any lyrical or musical ideas you might have. We’ll let you know after the workshop how to share these ideas with the band.

Is this when I’ll get to sing?

Yes! We’ll send you a demo of our song as performed by Distant Cousins, along with plenty of instructions on how to best record the video. This is your chance to grab your kiddos, any instruments you have, and bring your family’s personality to the song. No need to worry about this now, though – we’ll send very clear instructions when the time comes!

Oops, I haven’t RSVP’d to the Gala yet!

That’s okay! You can RSVP here.