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The Definition of Insanity

Dates : February 25, 2024 — February 29, 2024

The Definition of Insanity is a documentary film that immerses audiences in the Miami-Dade Community Mental Health Project — a novel approach to solving the mental health crisis that could be a model for America.


The Definition of Insanity is a documentary film that immerses audiences in the Miami-Dade Community Mental Health Project — a novel approach to solving the mental health crisis that could be a model for America. From Judge Steve Leifman’s shock at how people with mental illness were being treated in Miami jails, an innovative mental health model was born. Guided by Judge Leifman’s vision, we follow a team of dedicated public servants, as well as former adversaries in the criminal justice system, as they help people with mental illness navigate from lives of tragedy to possibility.  From court dates to group therapy, the film shows Miami’s community-based approach to solving the mental health crisis, where incarceration becomes the last resort and everyone from the police to prosecutors works together to support the notion that “recovery is possible.”

The Definition of Insanity premiered at the Miami Film Festival and was aired nationally on PBS. It has since been shown around the world and used as an advocacy tool for mental health reforms nationwide. Showings have been accompanied by panels with policy makers and stakeholders in the criminal justice system that can use the lessons of the film to affect positive change in their communities.

The Definition of Insanity is a Found Object documentary directed by Gabriel London, produced by Charlie Sadoff, narrated by Rob Reiner, and is a project of the Matthew Harris Ornstein Memorial Foundation.”

Panel Schedule

Decriminalizing Mental Illness & Recovery: Miami-Dade Model
Gain insight from criminal justice experts and leaders on the transformative impact of Judge Leifman’s Miami Model—a novel approach to addressing the serious mental illness crisis and innovative jail diversion program that could be a model for America. Featuring:

  • Gabriel London (Introduction): Gabriel is the director of The Definition of Insanity, and will introduce the film. 
  • Charlie Sadoff (Moderator): Charlie Sadoff is a producer, director and editor whose most recent film Against All Enemies premiered to critical acclaim at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival. Charlie is the producer of The Definition of Insanity.
  • Judge Craig Iscoe: Craig Iscoe, a Judge on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia since 2003, has presided over numerous criminal and civil trials, including those in the Family, Probate, and Domestic Violence divisions. Since 2022, he serves as the Presiding Judge for the Mental Health Community Court and the Drug Court, actively addressing mental health issues within the court system.
  • Judge Marina Lolley Sabett: Judge Marina L. Sabett was appointed by Chief Justice Fader and Chief Judge Morrissey to the newly created role of Coordinating Judge for Behavioral Health for the Maryland Judiciary in October 2023.  She has been an Associate Judge for the District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County since January 2017, and was appointed and acted as Coordinating Judge for the Montgomery County District Court Mental Health Court since June 2017.
  • Brent J. Cohen: Brent J. Cohen was designated by Attorney General Merrick Garland to serve as the Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Justice Programs in May 2023. He helps set policy and programmatic priorities for the Department of Justice’s largest grantmaking component, shaping $5 billion in funding to support state, local and tribal efforts to advance community safety, reform the criminal and juvenile justice systems, and assist those impacted by crime.
  • Justin Volpe: Justin is an international consultant, advocate, and peer specialist based out of Miami, FL. He has presented and trained mental health facilities and other organizations on trauma informed care practices and used his life experiences as lessons to what appropriate care should look like from a community level.

Paths & Challenges to Treatment & Anosognosia (the #1 reason people refuse help).
Learn about the #1 reason people with serious mental illness refuse help – the part of the brain disease that leaves individuals without insight into their illnesses and explore the complexity of balancing court-ordered treatment and individual rights. Featuring:

  • Gabriela Canedo (Moderator): Gabriela Canedo, Deputy Executive Director at the HA Center, collaborates with organizations, foundations, and government agencies to provide evidence-based communication training – designed to help professionals, families, and communities in establishing trusting relationships with individuals experiencing serious mental illness (and lacking insight), fostering pathways to treatment and recovery.
  • Brian Stettin: Brian Stettin is a Senior Advisor on Severe Mental Illness to the administration of New York City Mayor Eric Adams. He develops and implements policy in collaboration with city agencies, community-based partners, and the city’s public hospital system to ensure psychiatric care and support for the most vulnerable mentally ill New Yorkers.
  • Schroeder Stribling: Schroeder Stribling is the President and CEO of Mental Health America, the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and promoting the overall mental health of all. She is a lifelong social justice advocate with over 20 years of experience managing organizations focused on mental health, homelessness, poverty, and racial justice.
  • Patti Tobias: Patti Tobias, a dedicated advocate for improving the court and community response to individuals with serious mental illnesses, recently retired after nearly a decade as a Principal Court Management Consultant with the National Center for State Courts’ (NCSC) Consulting Division.

Empowering the People: Mental Health Resources for Families, Peers & Communities
Gain access to the most recent local and national resources available to help families, peers, and communities in providing support for individuals with serious mental illness. Featuring:

  • Dr. Ken Duckworth (Moderator): Ken Duckworth, MD, is the chief medical officer of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and has worked with NAMI since 2003. Ken is board certified in adult psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry, and is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.
  • Dr. Barbara J. Bazron: Barbara J. Bazron, PhD is the Director of the Department of the Behavioral Health appointed by Mayor Muriel Bowser. She manages the District’s recovery oriented, integrated behavioral health system. Dr. Bazron has used her expertise in strategic planning and organizational development to build systems of care that promote the integration of mental health and addictions services, foster equity with physical health care and address disparities in health care.
  • Dr. Tanya Schwartz: Tanya Schwartz, MSW, MPP serves as Director, Urgent & Acute Care at the Maryland Department of Health Behavioral Health Administration. In this role, Tanya is seeking to transform the continuum and coordination of care across 988 call centers, crisis services, hospital care coordination, and high-acuity care.
  • Nicole Lucas: Nicole Lucas, is a Social Worker and has over 10 years of experience working in both the corporate and the non-profit sector. Nicole received her Masters of Social Work from University of Maryland, Baltimore. Currently, Nicole is the Director of Programs at National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Montgomery County Affiliate.
  • Dir. Gabriel London | 73 min
  • Documentary | United States | 2020
  • English


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