Mindfulness Mondays: Starting A Meditation Practice

Mindfulness Mondays: Starting A Meditation Practice

In this six-part series you will learn how to use mindfulness and meditation to positively shift and optimize your mental, emotional, and physiological states. Explore foundational tools, practical experiences, and guided meditations to begin or boost your personal mindfulness and meditation practice and learn methods that can help you decrease stress, improve mood, increase mental focus and productivity, and become more resilient.
This class is virtual, but we encourage you to join us from a peaceful place whether that is outside at the park or a cozy spot at home.
About the Instructor: 
unnamed (18).jpegYonah Levy is a Meditation Teacher, Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Workplace Wellness Leader. For over 17 years, he has been guiding people back to peace and from there to thriving through counseling, whole-life coaching, workplace wellness consulting, speaking, and group leadership. Yonah studied Behavioral and Social Psychology and has been practicing and teaching mindfulness and meditation for over two decades. He learned from disciples of Sri Chinmoy for one year and has spent several years learning from Dr. Tara Brach and others through continuous self-study. He has completed multiple Vipassana courses under S.N. Goenka, based on teachings of the Buddha rooted in 25 centuries of tradition. He blends Western science and psychology with Eastern, indigenous, and intuitive practices and his positive, holistic approach works with the fundamentals of the whole person.

Dates: 6 class series – Mondays, April 5- May 10 6:30 PM – 7:20 PM
Young adults (16-32): $72

*We will record classes if you are unable to attend one of the sessions

This class is for all ages 16+

If the cost of this class is prohibitive, you need to pay in installements, or it does not fit your schedule, please email Stacy Miller, Director of EntryPointDC, at stacym@edcjcc.org