Kick-Off Event Fall Shabbat Clusters with EntryPointDC (Optional)

Kick-Off Event Fall Shabbat Clusters with EntryPointDC (Optional)

September 17, 2021 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Edlavitch DCJCC
1529 16th St NW

We are so excited to celebrate our 21st year of Shabbat Clusters!

What are Shabbat Clusters?
Shabbat Clusters are curated small groups of young adults ages 22-45 that come together to celebrate Shabbat. Groups are formed based on neighborhood and age and sometimes interests and observance levels. Groups are for everyone – singles or couples.

You do not need to attend all Shabbat Cluster dinners to be able to participate in the program.

Register by September 5* after this deadline we accept rolling applications until all groups are full

Suggested Dates & Themes: Friday dinner or Saturday morning/afternoon

*Your group will decide on best dates for everyone

Shabbat Cluster Kick-Off (optional) – Friday, September 17 

Here is where you’ll meet your Shabbat Cluster group in the parking lot outside the EDCJCC! We’ll have a table for your cluster to meet plus decorations and live music. We will provide the challah, juice, and desert, you bring your own dinner!

Shabbat Cluster Dinner #1 – Friday, October 15
Suggested Theme: Fall Fiesta Shabbat

Celebrate by hosting a potluck featuring your favorite fall dishes, this first dinner will be hosted by your coodinator or co-coordinators.

Shabbat Cluster Dinner #2 – Friday, November 19
Suggested Theme: Friendsgiving

Make your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes and share what you are thankful for this year.

Shabbat Cluster Dinner #3 – Friday, December 17
Suggested Theme: Hanukkah & Winter Holidays

Gather for a latke or donut contest, bring your favorite menorah for a candle lighting and share how you bring light to the world!

Shabbat Cluster Dinner #4 – Friday, January 21
Suggested Theme: Cozy Shabbat
Bring your favorite comfort food for warming up, maybe try a soup swap!

Shabbat Cluster Dinner #5 – Friday, February 18
Suggested Theme: Jews Around the World

Learn about different Jewish communities and share your favorite recipes

Shabbat Cluster Dinner #6 – Friday, March 18
Suggested Theme: Purim Masquerade

Make some Shushan punch and play some games like Cards Against Humanity, Mafia, or Clue where you can “unmask” more about yourself or characters .

Other group opportunities to connect:

September 30 – Sukkah City/ Jewish Walking Tour & Happy Hour

October 8 – 5 Senses & Silent Disco Shabbat in the JCC Parking Lot

November 21 – Everything But the Turkey Volunteering Event