Immigration Film Festival: My DACA Life

Immigration Film Festival: My DACA Life

October 13, 2022 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Cafritz Hall
1529 16th Street NW
Sonya Weisburd

This year’s Immigration Film Festival explores the nature of HOME. Is it a place, a safe space, a feeling, a memory, a person, or something more? Join us for two in-person screenings of films exploring this theme as we celebrate the holiday of Sukkot, sitting in makeshift shelters and remembering the Jewish people’s wanderings through many deserts both real and figurative.

WHEN: Thursday, October 13
Doors open at 7:00 PM, program starts 7:30 PM


Pipi Thay Too
Directed by Laura Alice | 10 min

In Pipi Thay Too (The Grandmother Tree) Artist, Director and Mentor Laura Alice joins with young refugee women in a unique collaboration to animate their paintings and tell their personal stories: from fleeing the brutal genocidal regime in their native Myranmar homeland to journeying to refugee camps and finally settling in Australia.  The result is a beautiful animated film celebrating resilience, the power of identity, mystical encounters with ancestors and the Karen and Karenni refugee experience.

US Premiere of My DACA Life (Mi Vida DACA)
Directed by Fanny Grande | 70 min

My DACA Life (Mi Vida DACA) aims to answer the question “What is home?” While in high school, Maribel discovered that she is an undocumented immigrant. For years she lived in fear of getting deported from the only country she knew. Then, in 2012, Maribel benefited from Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the action enacted by President Barack Obama that allowed her to get a work permit and exemption from deportation. After 25 years of being undocumented, she was  allowed to visit Mexico. We follow her as she visits her birthplace in hopes of finding answers to the question: where does she belong? Then Donald Trump was elected president, and he rescinded DACA. Maribel and fellow immigrants raise their voices in support of dreamers by marching, and going to Washington D.C. to meet with lawmakers and advocate for immigration reform.

Film screening will be followed by a panel discussion on the state of DACA with the filmmaker and special guests.

WHERE: The Edlavitch DCJCC’s Cafritz Hall

This program is brought to you by the Edlavitch DCJCC’s JxJ and Center for Social Responsibility in partnership with the Immigration Film Festival