Hadar Lunch & Learn: Jewish Ethics

Hadar Lunch & Learn: Jewish Ethics

March 5, 2019 @ 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
The Foundry United Methodist Church
1500 16th St NW
Washington, DC 20036
$25 for one class and dessert and drinks $45 for 2 class series
Darya Watnick, Director of Jewish Engagement
(202) 777-3259

Jewish Ethics: Do Torah and Morality Always Go Together?

Location: The Foundry United Methodist Church, 1500 16th St NW

Rabbinic texts are rich in the rabbis’ ethical wrestlings with a range of topics from how to divide scarce resources, when it’s permissible to defend oneself with force, and what to do if one ox gores another. Join us for the third of this four-part lunch and learn series in which we will dive into the rabbis’ ethical debates and shed light on our own.

The Hadar Institute is an educational institution that empowers Jews to create and sustain vibrant, practicing communities of Torah learning, prayer, and service.

Topic for this Lunch & Learn: Humiliation: Judaism’s Fourth Cardinal Sin?
Ask a knowledgeable Jew, and they are likely to tell you that Judaism has three cardinal sins that one should sooner die than commit: idolatry, sexual immorality, and murder. But fascinatingly, many legal authorities insist that there is actually a fourth: it is preferable to die rather than humiliate another person. In this session, we’ll explore the biblical roots of this idea and study some of the thinkers who insist that it has the status of normative Jewish law– and we’ll also consider some very good reasons why they may be wrong.   And, of course, we’ll ask: just why is human dignity so central to Jewish theology and practice?

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$25 for one class and dessert and drinks
$45 for 2 classes, March and May

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$36 for one class, includes lunch, dessert, and drinks
$67 for 2 class series, includes lunch, dessert, and drinks

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March Instructor Bio:
Rabbi Shai HeldRabbi Shai Held–theologian, scholar, and educator–is President, Dean, and Chair in Jewish Thought at Hadar, where he also directs the Center for Jewish Leadership and Ideas.  Previously, he served for six years as Scholar-in-Residence at Kehilat Hadar in New York City, and taught both theology and Halakhah at the Jewish Theological Seminary.  He also served as Director of Education at Harvard Hillel.  A 2011 recipient of the prestigious Covenant Award for excellence in Jewish education, Rabbi Held has been named multiple times to Newsweek’s list of the 50 most influential rabbis in America.  He holds a doctorate in religion from Harvard; his main academic interests are in modern Jewish and Christian thought, in biblical theology, and in the history of Zionism.  Rabbi Held’s first book, Abraham Joshua Heschel: The Call of Transcendence, was published by Indiana University Press in 2013; The Heart of Torah, a collection of essays on the Torah in two volumes, was published by JPS in 2017