#Adulting Post-Pandemic: Workshops To Bring Back Balance

#Adulting Post-Pandemic: Workshops To Bring Back Balance

January 18, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 9:15 pm

Our popular adulting workshops are back again this winter with new topics and a new format! Whether you are looking to become a more successful professional, power couple, financially literate or spiritually savy this year – workshops will be offered for 20’s and 30’s at all stages of life and topics will delve into finances, career planning, stress management, relationships and more to help you navigate your world post-pandemic.

Workshops will be virtual and you can choose 3 workshops to attend when you register.

Intros and Ice Breaker – 7:00 PM
Session 1  – 7:10-7:40 PM
Q&A/Break – 7:40- 7:50 PM
Session 2 – 7:50 – 8:20 PM
Q &A/ Break – 8:20-8:30 PM
Session 3 – 8:30-9:00 PM
Q/&A Wrap-Up – 9:00-9:10 PM


2022 Workshops

  • Financially Fit: Managing Money, Investing, and Planning for the Future

Personal finance can be complicated. Plan for your future and gain an overview and explanation of common financial tools including retirement accounts, stocks, bonds, and more. In this interactive workshop we will discuss different models of how to handle money, determine budget, and financial considerations regarding investments.

  • Slow Dating: Skipping the Small Talk and Defining Your Dating Goals

The pandemic has changed the way we date and more young adults are being more thoughtful in their approach in pursing a relationship. Learn to define your dating goals and deal breakers, how to start meaningful conversations, and date with purpose.

  • Master Storytelling for Interviews & Networking

Do you struggle with what to say in interviews or in networking situations especially post COVID? If you feel like you freeze up once you’re in the hot seat and don’t want to sound like a memorization robot then this event is for you! Inner Compass Coach has created a gamified storied approach to answer the most common interview and networking questions so that you stand out from the crowd. Learn how to tell stories that make you memorable, relatable – and best of all hired! Feel more at ease to confidently answer questions during an interview or any networking settings, virtual or in-person. Enjoy your time during interviews, networking events, and social gatherings.


  • Friended: How to Make Authentic and Lasting Connections 

Finding, building and maintaining friendships is one of the most important things we do in our lifetime. Learn new approaches to making friends and tips to keep friends you have known a longer time as you approach different stages of life in adulthood.

  • Starting a Mindfulness & Meditation Practice

Learn how to use mindfulness and meditation to positively shift and optimize your mental, emotional, and physiological states. Explore foundational tools, practical experiences, and guided meditation to begin or boost your personal mindfulness and and learn methods that can help you decrease stress, improve mood, increase mental focus and productivity, and become more resilient.

  • Career Negotiations: Tools for Success

Learn  practical skills for negotiating for the salary and title you deserve. We will focus on how to better determine your professional value, increase your salary yearly, and track your growth and progress.

  • I See You And I Hear You: Navigating Difficult Conversations

Whether conversations with our friends, co-workers, significant others or landlords it’s important to be aware of three specific goals. Come learn how best to honor your values and set boundaries while balancing the needs of the relationship, your own self-respect, and your underlying objective. Participants will learn keys for successful communicating.

  • Jewish Ritual and the Hebrew Calendar As a Tool for Personal Wellness

Find yourself adrift in COVID times? Searching for something to ground you in time and place? Our ancient Jewish traditions hold wisdom for everyday wellness. Learn how to incorporate ritual and ways to mark time in your everyday life to find balance and order in life’s chaos. Workshop will include handouts, journaling, and making a self-action plan for ways you want to grow your personal Jewish identity.

  • Wellbeing Warrior: Nutrition Habits & Healthy Meal Ideas to Feel your Best

A New Year, a new you. Resolutions are hard to keep, but with some easy changes to your daily habits you can make huge differences. In this session you’ll learn some of the exact strategies that have helped over 150 women in her coaching program improve their lives through simple habit changes around food. You’ll leave with actionable strategies for how to meal prep nutritious, balanced meals (2022 will be the year of no sad desk lunch!) and learn techniques to help you become more aware of the foods that make you feel your best.

If the cost of this event would prohibit you from attending please email Stacy at stacym@edcjcc.org 


Q. Are all the sessions at the same time?

A. No, we have 3 blocks of sessions that last 30 minutes each; you will be able to choose to attend 1 of 3 workshops in each session block. Between sessions you can stay on to ask the experts questions or just take a break.

Q. Is this event for singles and couples?

A. Yes! This year all workshops are for everyone.

. I am not Jewish, can I still attend this event?

A. We welcome those of all backgrounds and faiths.

Q. Is this event LGBTQ friendly?

A. You bet; some of our past and present speakers are even part of the LGBTQ community

I am part of a couple but my partner can’t make it, can I still come? I have been in a relationship a year/just started living with my partner/just got engaged/am recently married – are there workshops for me?

A. Of course, your partner does not need to be present to attend the couples workshops. We have workshops that range from staying healthy together to long term career and estate planning.